There were three people involved in creating our perfect little boy; my husband, I and Elaine.

She was a constant source of support, knowledge, care and empathy, Her service went far beyond her acupuncture. She is an incredible listener and we comfortably shared many smiles, tears, stories and anxieties along our path. We were so happy to have her with us along the way and cannot praise her enough. She remains to this day one of the most amazing women we know and we are eternally grateful for her assistance in helping us build our little family.

A, K & O



I was recommended Elaine when I had experienced two miscarriages over a 2 year period and had started to lose faith in pregnancy and carrying a baby past the first 12 weeks. I wanted to take some control over my situation and decided a natural therapy such as acupuncture was worth a try!

Elaine immediately made me feel at ease, she helped me see the positives in my situation and we started acupuncture treatment. She helped me mentally and emotionally, advising me on general wellbeing (diet & exercise) and it was such relief to feel I was heading in a positive direction, I just needed to allow time for my body to adjust and for the acupuncture to help balance my monthly cycle.

After 6-7 months I could see improvements to my cycle through daily temperature monitoring, however Elaine suggested introducing Chinese herbs in addition to the acupuncture, which I was open to, as she felt both combined would help me. Within a few more months I fell pregnant and Elaine continued to monitor me closely. The nature of my work and personal life has always been busy & pressured and she was the voice of reason, advising me to slow down, put my growing baby and body first and to really make an effort to take it easy and relax. I took all of that advice onboard and before I knew it I was at my 12 week scan.

I’ve just passed 40 weeks of pregnancy and my baby is due any day, I’ve booked Elaine in for induction should we need it! I really feel I wouldn’t be here without Elaine and cannot recommend her to other women highly enough, what an inspirational amazing lady she is! We can’t wait to meet our little one very soon.



After a number of unsuccessful IVF treatments my husband and I were at the end of our tether and it was at this point we were recommended to Elaine for Chinese herbs. My husband I and took herbs prescribed by Elaine for 3 months and I became pregnant naturally after trying to conceive for 6 years! Elaine has supported me throughout my pregnancy with acupuncture and has offered me reassurance at every stage. She has been a huge comfort to me, especially in the early stages of my pregnancy when I had a scare. Since that incident I have had a healthy pregnancy and have enjoyed my treatments with Elaine immensely. She is a very caring and empathetic person whose manner is extremely understanding and supportive to help you with whatever fertility / pregnancy challenges you may face.



Having had two miscarriages and my doctor telling me that there was nothing they would do about the cysts on one ovary, I decided to take matters into my own hands and have some acupuncture. As soon as I met Elaine I knew I had made the right decision. I fell pregnant after four months of treatment. Elaine makes you feel totally at ease and after my initial consultation I knew that she knew exactly what treatment to give me. The fact that she has so much knowledge and experience with both acupuncture and chinese herbs means you’re really having two treatments in one. I cannot recommend Elaine highly enough and I know I will continue to have acupuncture for my general well being.



When I first met Elaine, I was at a very low ebb. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for four years and we had finally been referred to a local fertility service, where, after a battery of tests I was told by the leading consultant that I wouldn’t fall pregnant naturally. We were then given a powerpoint presentation showing us our poor chances of getting pregnant compared to our age. Therefore, I had already decided to go ahead with assisted-fertility treatment, but following a recommendation from a friend, I also decided to use acupuncture alongside this treatment. At our first meeting, Elaine very gently mentioned the benefits of charting, but I decided to put my stock in western medicine first. Fast-forward seven months and I had four failed attempts at IUI, and one failed attempt at IVF. I was all set to try another round of IVF, but for anyone who has been on this emotional roller-coaster you’ll sympathise when my husband said that we needed a break from the treatment. This is when I remembered Elaine talking about charting, so I thought what have I got to lose, I’ll give it a go. The first month that we used the charting method, I fell pregnant. I now have two beautiful girls, a four year old and a 7 month old. Elaine supported me all the way through my journey. When you’re trying to get pregnant it can be an incredibly lonely place, especially when friends and family appear to be getting pregnant with no effort. She’s not only very experienced in her field but also acts as a console when you feel low. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Having my girls has changed my life.